t : s : p   project management, teamwork : service : process, Separately, each expresses a positive attribute. Combined, they articulate our values.

what we do

Project Commencement/Transactional Phase
In this phase of activity, the t : s : p   project management project manager establishes project objectives and constraints, defining physical requirements and quantifying preliminary financial parameters.

We provide practical insight during key activities: drafting of appropriate development or lease/workletter documents, evaluating candidate sites, and creating a framework for continuing communication and activity between all team members.

Design Coordination
Our role as the project manager is to facilitate comprehension and communication throughout the process of team selection, planning and design in addition to assisting the Client so that they are able to make timely and appropriate decisions with complete awareness of all options and responsibilities.

We occupy a central position within the project team, overseeing the integration of all functional and financial objectives.

Construction Administration
During this phase, the t : s : p   project management project manager oversees the implementation of transactional and design objectives without compromise. We coordinate the selection of a general contractor and subcontractors as dictated by the bid process determined to be appropriate based on the parameters of the project.

The project schedule and budget become the gauges by which performance is measured as the project manager coordinates the efforts of the entire project team to keep them focused on the interests of the Client. We provide diligent and consistent management to control the project and facilitate communication, resulting in a successful conclusion to the Project. We ensure that the Client realizes maximum value and minimize the Client's exposure to penalties and unnecessary expenditures.

Relocation Management
The final measure of project success is derived from an orderly relocation and non-disruptive occupancy. The t : s : p   project management project manager coordinates the selection of the move provider and works with them to ensure that they have prepared for contingencies, that they will confirm site preparedness and that they will oversee the successful transition of contents, equipment and furnishings.

We guide the Client in the creation of a detailed move plan to ensure all internal preparations necessary for a smooth transition are implemented.

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