t : s : p   project management, teamwork : service : process. Separately, each expresses a positive attribute. Combined, they articulate our values.


Project management consulting has become a vital facet of the planning, design, construction and relocation processes. The roles originated with the recognition by cost conscious companies of a need to assume more stringent control over the development of costs associated with their facilities. It has evolved to be a specific response to the increasing complexity of the design and construction process, lease values which measure in millions of dollars, and the escalating cost of fixed improvements and capital expenditures.

As internal managers face the challenge of fulfilling corporate objectives within strict economic constraints, they are also confronted with constantly changing regulations, increasingly complex systems, and a disparate array of contractors, consultants and vendors that are integral to the ultimate success of the project. Each of these project facets must be controlled without compromise to day-to-day operations. This challenge is amplified by today's corporate emphasis on cost reduction and core competency mandates, compelling organizational managers to seek qualified resources to expand their reach and increase their efficiency.

Increasingly, corporations recognize that the delegation of project management responsibilities to an internal administrator or executive will compromise vital management resources and detract their attention from the core business and organization at large. Yet there remains an absolute need for an objective representative to aggressively promote and protect the interest of the Client, to act as a point of connection between the Client and its assorted service providers (architects, engineers, contractors, and vendors), and to facilitate quality control and objective decision-making at every stage of project activity. t : s : p   project management provides a structured and comprehensive management resource geared towards coordination of the entire process of strategic planning, site acquisition or disposition, design, procurement, construction and relocation.

Our primary and consistent loyalty is to the Client. We are advocates and advisors, controlling and preserving project resources while evoking appropriate responses from internal management. We begin with a clear understanding of the goals and objectives of each assignment, and assist the project team to define the tangible characteristics of the Project, guiding their efforts within financial, functional and schedule constraints. We ensure that each member of the project team benefits from clear and consistent communication, thoroughly documenting each phase of project activity, and maintaining a professional and collaborative approach to elicit the ultimate effort from all project team members.

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